Passionate About Serving Others

I founded various ministries, after being moved to predominantly encourage women across the globe. Now I am the president of the Queen for God International Events - and the Woman of War International Conference.  I live to teach, empower and help people discover their identity in Christ. Regardless of anyone’s station in life, I engage, serve and help transform lives through the power of God. Building the Kingdom is always top priority!

By shaking off my own limits I have been able to equip, empower and educate people from all walks of life. My passion lies in character building, life coaching and spiritual rejuvenation. Through my sermons I merge spirituality with the practicality of everyday life. With Christ as my fuel, I carry out my assignment to empower others to reach their full potential in their personal, entrepreneurial and spiritual lives and to take the nations with my beloved brothers and sisters.

In my sermons I teach on subjects differentiating from marriage, to sexual purity, spiritual warfare and generational curses. Anything and everything that is pressed by the Lord on my heart. My goal is to speak the truth, because only the truth will set people free (John 8:32). Addictions have to go, depression has to go, deliverance has to take place. 

I am grateful for the wonderful husband God gave to me. After 25 years of marriage, in January 2016, my beloved Arie Potuyt went home to be with Him. Now I travel the world for ministry with my daughter, Hannah, and I could not do without the great support of my son, Jedidiah. Every day I live, I am living to complete my assignment here on earth, until we are joined with the Father. He is waiting for you to do the same.

He is calling. Will you answer?


Dr. Sandra Potuyt  

My vision is to reach individuals worldwide with a message of hope, inspiration and love through online and offline media. In my 25 years of ministry I had the privilege to serve many. I started out started with a talk show called Woman on the Move and  through my conversations with various men and women as a conference speaker, I was able to travel across the world - reaching and mentoring the people I encountered.

But I was no where close to fulfilling my true calling.

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Getting personal